2 Golden Rules for Creating an Impactful Onboarding Plan

Onboarding - May 11, 17 - Bri Newman

Think about a new hire’s first day on the job. It’s scary, intimidating and for most not fun! The reality is that it is not great for the dealership either. We hide from our new hires instead of running towards them. We think “how can we get through this process as quickly as possible”, instead of enrolling them in a great onboarding experience we throw them the key and let them learn on the job.

Facebook, Google and other forward looking companies are changing the game and setting a new benchmark for hiring, onboarding and everything else after that. Young people today expect more. The pressure is mounting to offer not only a great client experience but also a great employee experience.

The cost of letting someone hit the ground running without setting them up for success can lead to disengagement, turnover and a negative impact on your brand and bottom line. Recent studies indicate that employees who receive a well-structured onboarding process see an increase in performance of 11% and that means increasing the odds of turning a lead into a customer. In addition, a 2015 study conducted at Yale revealed that a sales consultant who is highly engaged is more likely to not only upsell but also leave their customers more satisfied (Khwaja & Yang, 2016).

We have interviewed dozens of dealers and they know these facts. They are in plain sight but somehow dealers are willing to accept the status quo with comments like, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Time to change. Just start with the basics. Here are the two simple, but golden rules to onboarding.

Rule #1: Get Organized

  • Meet with your managers and create a list of activities. What training needs to be completed? How can that training be accessed? What resources will the new hire need on day one? How will the manager communicate job expectations?
  • Work with HR to document all the required forms and paperwork. Will the new hire need business cards? Who will give them a tour of the store?
  • Make sure to include an overview of culture and what is important to the company. Explain perks, events, charity work or anything else that differentiates your organization.

Rule #2: Get Online

  • Now that you have a plan, it’s time to implement. Typically, this means chasing down managers, HR or the new hire to ensure that each item on the list is completed.
  • The best way to ensure successful onboarding is to get your plan online, ensuring the plan is custom tailored, straight forward and impactful. The new hire is taken on a journey through their role resulting in clear expectations and an easy way to track progress.

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Written by Brianna Newman, Director of Partnerships at The Minery.  

 During her time at The Minery, Brianna has been submerged in the dealership world.  Learning how it operates and what makes the dealership workplace and culture tick.  She is a people expert and is inspired to find new ways to help dealers be the best and deliver better client experiences.  Her motto is, “there is no finish line”.

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