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Imprv Platform


Imprv is powered by a dynamic team of Performance Consultants who work with you to understand your needs and define your data points.

Moving forward, we work in partnership with you to ensure all pieces of your program are executed perfectly.

Imprv Platform

Imprv is a customizable and interactive web-based platform that integrates all feedback and resources into one central location.

Imprv includes a 360° real-time Report Card, incorporating your CSI results, Mystery Shops and In-dealership evaluations that measure the process that the customer can’t see.


Our Story


A performance improvement journey

The Past

Imprv was born out of a deep understanding of the need for leaders to continually accelerate lasting performance improvements that translate into financial returns.

After years of consulting and front-line operational experience, the founders of The Minery knew that the customer experience would continue to increase in strategic importance. They also knew that data was key, and that data had to be turned into insights and then into action at every level of the organization. In order to scale enterprise-wide, they knew the answer was a digital solution, supported by analytics, strategy, evaluation, communication, training and more.

The Present

We are leaders in responding to this unmet need in the marketplace to connect performance data to the workplace through our integrated software platform, named Imprv.

Today Imprv fuels The Minery’s customizable Continuous Improvement model by providing a proven methodology and online set of tools. As a result, clients have a system which allows them to pin point what matters most and assign indicators to measure achievement. Further down the road, clients diagnose performance, quantify improvement opportunities, and can easily take action to close gaps and track progress and results. The digital solution plays a key role in operationalizing a customer experience and brand strategy and works to close the loop providing a user-friendly and sustainable approach to improving performance and transforming the workplace culture.

The Future

With the competitive landscape shaping up to be a battle of who delivers the best service, manufacturers are scrambling to get out in front. In the new millennial age, business owners and operators must have advanced methods of understanding what is important to the client and operationalizing that in the workplace. Further, they must have solutions that will engage employees and help them to understand how to deliver the best client experience and why.

As your business partners, we will help you make Imprv a central hub where dealers across North America log in and measure themselves against a set of Indicators that the organization has defined as important both from a customer brand and operational perspective.

What is Imprv?

Transparency and Accountability are the two key tenants of our methodology.

Imprv Model

Five Areas of Focus

Sales Sales
Service Service
Environment Environment
Engagement Engagement
E-Commerce E-Commerce

We measure what matters most and let the dealers manage the rest using their Report Card as their workbench.

What makes Imprv

Imprv is our front line approach to create change. We believe that if you give employees the data, access to feedback and dynamic, easy to use improvement tools, they will see improvement. This will motivate them to continue to see better results.

Imprv gets everyone involved in continuous improvement and closes the loop.

Shift from being reactive to intentional...

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