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Two Great Platforms


Engage, manage, comply, connect

Great hiring and retention starts here.

HR4 is a fully integrated mobile digital solution specifically designed to address your company's needs around recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining talent. Perform better with real time results. Stay current and connected with your employees.

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Manage performance and accelerate improvement.

Imprv channels your data to change employee behaviour and revolutionize the company culture. Access real time results anytime, anywhere. Hold your employees accountable through our dynamic report card and action planning tools.

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Measurable results. Proven success.

For the past 10 years we have helped and trained our clients deliver their brand promise and improve performance.

Our performance improvement strategy coupled with our proprietary Imprv software will empower you to systematically raise the bar. Our experienced consultants work with you to break down what matters to the client in every interaction, at every level.

We measure what matters most and let you manage the rest using their Imprv Report Card as their workbench to improve and track results.

Your company is at the heart of this solution. Imprv is built to last.

Happy employees
equals happy customers.

This age old concept happy employees equals happy customers sounds easy but it is complex and requires a consistent approach and attention to detail. It is a journey of discovery and change for many companies.

That's where we come in.

We add our dynamic platform that lays across your company network and couple that with a variety of digital tools that will connect the workplace, create accountability and make it easy to hire, communicate, engage and track success. We train your team to ensure they are set up for success.

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What we believe.

When you take a group of people and spend the time to clearly define what they are accountable for, what the indicators of their success are, and how they "look" in the workplace, you will see results. Going beyond that, we believe that if you connect those indicators to all of the data that exists in the workplace today, you can achieve greatness.

Heather Macpherson, Founder

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