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Connect the workplace

HR4 is the first interactive digital and mobile solution of its kind to focus on the life-cycle of the employee, from hiring and onboarding to performance management and everything in between. Its suite of customizable apps are designed to connect the workplace and are proven to increase efficiency, communication, and performance in both new hires and tenured employees.

Based on the principles of transparency and accountability, it is uniquely designed for both managers and employees to engage the next generation of workers and their expectations.

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Reduce risk.
Waste nothing.

As a business leader you are focused on the bottom line. Human capital is a significant piece of that focus. The simple truth is that employee turnover is costly. HR4 provides a comprehensive suite of apps designed specifically to get new hires up to speed faster and set them up for success.

Set clear expectations and hold your people accountable. Clearly define what excellence looks like in all positions by identifying the indicators of success. Create a culture of feedback and constant learning.

Your team has unlimited potential. Don’t waste it.

Relax, we've
got this.

Your company is a culmination of various moving parts and pieces. From day to day operations to larger initiatives, communication and organization are instrumental to your success. Questions need answers, uncertainty needs clarification, and problems need solving.

We work alongside you and help you get organized and connected. HR4 streamlines your back office and prepares you for growth.

Stay current and connected with your company anytime and anywhere from the comfort of your mobile device.

Real time access at your fingertips.

Ensure your legacy.

Define what it means to be the best and begin moving everyone towards that goal. HR4 will help you leave a lasting contribution that will impact the shape of your company for generations to come.

Create longevity and ensure future growth knowing that your key people have the necessary skills and tools required for long-term success. Have peace of mind knowing that everything you have built will stand the test of time.

Act now, prepare for the future.

A story of transformation.

At some point the journey is too long to go alone. HR4 provides answers, clears up uncertainty and reduces risk. I have observed significant change in employee attitude, behaviour and accountability which has resulted in a more customer focused environment and overall success.

Marino Jr., Dealership Principal


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