HR4 Dealers launches two powerful integrations

Press - March 15, 19 - Bri Newman

London, ON – Introducing two new tools for hiring that will improve candidate recruitment and company retention. Triton, a Canadian leader in online record checks with over 50 years of combined experience will enable clients to make sure their hiring right the first time. Twilio, offers powerful SMS technology to enable clients to send and receive text messages to and from candidates. Tracking and guiding applicants through the hiring process just got twice as easy.

“We built HR4 to support our dealerships. Hiring takes time. We know that and today we are excited to launch two additional features to help manage the hiring process in a seamless and efficient manner,” says Heather Macpherson, President and CEO of The Minery.

Triton offers all of the services you need to feel confident going forward in the hiring process. You can choose to request a criminal record check, a credit check or a driver’s abstract** for your candidates.

“Our clients can now streamline their communication with candidates to speed up the hiring process. In a time where recruiting continues to be a challenge for dealers being efficient in this area can improve your ability to make a hire,” says Bri Newman, Vice President of The Minery.

The free to use text messaging services from Twilio will let clients keep in touch with candidates in a flexible and immediate way that matches the way we communicate every day. Clients can send text messages to notify a candidate of an interview, request a reference check, send a job offer and more. Visit our website for more information or request a demo.

Media Contact and Spokesperson:

Bri Newman, Vice President, The Minery

+1 437.997.2088

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