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COVID-19 Support - March 20, 20 - Bri Newman

Let’s face it, while the idea of working from home may be appealing to some, for those that are used to a very regimented routine it can be a challenge and lead to some serious cabin fever. To help combat this the team at HR4 and The Minery put together a list of our favourite Wellness Resources that you can take advantage of to help bring back some level of normalcy to your life.

Check them out below!

Things you can do while social distancing and practicing self-isolation:

  • Go for a walk/hike
  • Gardening
  • Clean out/organize a closet/cupboard/drawer
  • Read
  • Listen to music
  • Cook a meal or try a new recipe
  • Family game night
  • Group video chat
  • Call a friend to check in
  • Phone elderly or otherwise at risk neighbours and friends

Online Resources for Home-Schooling Kids:

  • Scholastic’s Learn at Home platform includes lesson plans for kids from K-9
  • Kiwico offers at-home STEAM- based activities for kids 2-12+

Fitness Options: 

  • Alyshanewman.com – Monthly Subscription (7-day free trial)
    • Home Fitness, Nutritional Plan, Mind, Body & Soul Tips
  • @hayleyorr – Weekly Custom home workouts
  • Instagram Live workouts:
  • Peloton App – free 90 day trial (no credit card information required) that includes bodyweight, running and outdoor workouts that do not require any equipment.


  • Download the Headspace App and check out the free section called “Weathering the Storm”

Mental Health Support:

  • Online or phone-based counselling services included in employee benefits packages (if applicable)
  • Hasu counselling – Therapy from home

Information on COVID-19:

Connect with a Doctor Online:

  • Shoppers Drug Mart and Maple are making it easier than ever to safely and securely connect with Canadian doctors. Through this partnership, you can access a network of Canadian doctors online from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


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