Why your technology can make or break the Employee Experience

Engagement - May 10, 18 - Bri Newman

I’ve been in the workforce for some time now and have worked with a multitude of clients to help them transform the workplace. Most of the work has been focused on creating an amazing customer experience and helping our clients adopt a culture of continuous improvement. In all our work, we press upon the importance of bringing the strategy to employees as the missing piece. After all, its the employees who executes the goals set by leaders. So when I read an article the other day entitled “Employees deserve the same digital experience your provide Customers“ by Alan J. Porter it struck a cord.

Over the last 5 years, technology has disrupted the customer experience. Whether it’s changing the way we commute, the way we interact as humans or simply the way we shop; technological innovations have thrown the traditional “customer experience” for a loop, so why hasn’t the same happened for the tools we ask our employees to use? Often when I’m working with our clients and their front line to implement a new and improved CX strategy we are bogged down by antiquate internal tools. Whether its old PCs that can’t run the latest web browsers or bad looking software that takes hours to load.

As business leaders continue to strategize and plan for increasing efficiencies through the adoption of a digital tool they absolutely must consider all of their end users, not just the customer. Abandon the legacy systems that offer terrible user experiences and before adopting any new technology collaborate with members of your staff. Getting their input on the user experience will not only increase engagement when it is rolled out but it will also go a long in engaging employees. Beyond that, ridding yourself of legacy systems will absolutely increase productivity and decrease levels of frustration your employees may currently experience.

Lastly if your one of those leaders who hasn’t made the transition to having online tools for your employees, make the shift – it’s 2018.

Written by Brianna Newman, Director of Partnerships at The Minery.  

During her time at The Minery, Brianna has been submerged in the dealership world.  Learning how it operates and what makes the dealership workplace and culture tick.  She is a people expert and is inspired to find new ways to help dealers be the best and deliver better client experiences. Her motto is, “there is no finish line”.

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